Mission & Vision


My mission is to create appealing and accessible stories that not only grip children’s imaginations, but also teach them valuable life lessons about empathy, courage, resilience and kindness. I aim my messaging at children between the ages of 5 and 8 years old because I know that these years are fundamental to shaping the attitudes and values that children carry with them into adulthood. I do this work because I believe that kind children grow up to be exceptional adults who influence the world in positive ways. 


“Be the person that makes others feel included”


My Vision 

I envision being able to empower children to become confident leaders who understand their potential to make a positive impact on others and themselves. I believe that when children are given the tools to explore their world with empathy, they have the opportunity to create a better tomorrow. I see my books becoming valuable and trusted resources worldwide for teaching children how to act with kindness, and to make those around them feel included and accepted.